Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fare Thee Well Logan

So as most of you know by now we moved. I wrote this post the week that we moved but I didn't get around to finishing it. I finally stopped being lazy and now for your pleasure here is my recap of the last 5 1/2 years in Logan:

-It was the first place I lived on my own.

-Logan is where I moved in with 9 girls and cried the whole way up on the day I moved. Some of those girls have become the closest people in my life.

-I've met some of the most incredible people and friends here.

-Logan was where I realized how much my family meant to me and also how much moving out bettered our relationships haha.

-This city is where I came with big dreams and passion for writing, where I learned to despise journalism, and where I slowly have found my fondness for words again.

-Along the way I decided that Logan was getting to small for me which meant I should go be a nanny in NYC.

-I dressed up in more ridiculous outfits in this city than any other place.

-Logan is where I have shed the most tears out of any place in my existence so far (baby years don't count).

-It's where I lost a high school love. Decided love was never going to happen for me (how melodramatic right?). And where I eventually found out what love really was (I got married incase you didn't pick up on that).
This was the day that I first thought "Holy cow, I can see a future with this boy"

-I started working at the Firehouse in Logan out of desperation. It grew to be one of the best and worst jobs of my life and was probably the single factor in Colten and I meeting.

-I got engaged

-I took out my Endowments in the Logan Temple.

-I graduated with a real life college degree.

-Logan is the city that has seen me at my very richest and my very poorest.

-And ultimately it is where we started a marriage.

Without getting anymore sentimental I'll stop there. I did enjoy my time in Logan. I grew so much from that person I was at 18 and fresh out of high school. Logan will always be a part of my life (that's what I get for marrying a Cache Valley boy). There had been times where I despised the closed-off Cache Valley and needed to break out, but over time I grew to love the little things of the valley and the person I had become because of it. 

I am excited/terrified for this new change in our life but can't help but look back on all of the happy things I've experienced so far. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For the Love of Food

Hello blogging world. Since all of you decided my recap of 2012 wasn't worth any comments (losers!) I'm hoping this post will entice you a tad bit more.

As most of you know by now, Colten and I are moving to Farmington in 10 days (who's counting?). We have been very excited for this little adventure. While we have loved Logan and this is where our lives came together, Logan is...lacking in some areas. Namely the food options. We're sad to move away from some of our favorite places (Herm's Inn, Indian Oven, The Papusaria, Firehouse...) we are extremely excited for the new food adventures awaiting us in SLC!

So to start our culinary adventure on the right foot I decided to put together a little food bucket list of sorts. With the help of Facebook crowd sourcing, the internet, and good old fashion curiosity, I've made a list of places we want to try over the next several years.

But here's the twist. I'm a picky eater. Anyone who knows me even slightly knows this. It's probably the number one thing I dislike the most about myself. Without getting too emotional/aggravated/whiney, I wish my palette was different. I've tried, and tried, and tired. And despite my Mom's thinking that I'll grow into liking things, I haven't yet. After watching hours upon hours of the food network only to be envious of how the hosts can try anything and everything without hesitation, I've taken matters into my own hands. While I may be picky, I've decided if I truly don't like something there's no point in forcing myself to eat it and ruin my food experience. But, I'm willing to try.

So as far as the list. I'm going to be blogging (hopefully) my new experiences from a picky point of view. I'm trying to convince myself that when I go to these new eateries I'll order what I'm recommended, try it as is, and then if I don't like it I can pick off whatever I dislike. A good compromise? I think so.

I wanted a list that was an easy grab-and-go sort of thing. We are always wanting to try new, local, unique places but after 30 minutes to an hour of driving around looking on Yelp we always get scared of prices and reviews and chicken out. The list is put together by area and then I've added the type of cuisine and the approximate price per person. That way we will know what we are getting into before hand and can tailor our date nights to suit our budget. Plus this makes it easy when we have a free night we already have a list of options to easily choose from. 

I hope you join us on our adventure and I hope from our small little corner of the world we can also help support local businesses (we're a big fan of that). I'm not promising lots of pictures (after about  2 the hubs has had it). But I will promise honest words and a respect for this lovely world of food.

For the Love of Food

Rovali’s, Ogden-Italian $12/pp
The Greenery, Ogden-Burgers and Sandwiches $8/pp
Zucca, Ogden-Mediterranean $16 pastas, $20 entrees/pp
Taggarts, Morgan-Steakhouse $18/pp
Slackwater Pub, Ogden-Pizza/Pub $13/pp

Davis County:
Arella, Bountiful-Pizza $15/pp
*The Mandrin, Bountiful-Chinese $12/pp
*Gabor Brothers, Layton-Italian $14/pp
Cantina, Layton-Mexican $11/pp
Thyme and Seasons, Bountiful-Anything (No menu, chef makes what you want)

Salt Lake:
Fresco, SLC-Italian Cafe $25/pp
Pat’s BBQ, SLC-BBQ $12/pp
Cucina Toscana SLC-Italian $28/pp
The Porcupine, Cottonwood-Bar and Grille $14/pp
Desert Edge Pub, Trolly Square-Pub/American $11/pp
Pig and a Jelly Jar, SLC-Comfort Food $15/pp
La Jolla Groves, Gateway-New American $16
Carlucci’s, SLC-Bakery/Breakfast/Lunch $8/pp
Oasis Cafe, SLC-New American $20/pp
Ekami, SLC-Thai $8/pp
Himalayan Kitchen, SLC-Nepali/Indian $13/pp
Happy Sumo, SLC-Sushi $15/pp
*Spaghetti Factory, Trolley Square-Italian $15/pp
Sushi Grove, Sugarhouse-Sushi $12/pp
Chanon Thai Cafe, SLC-Thai $10/pp
The Copper Onion, SLC-New American $25/pp
Pago, SLC-New American $25/pp
*The Pie, SLC-Pizza $10/pp
Bombay House, SLC-Indian $15/pp
Lone Star Taqueria, Fort Union-Mexican/Tacos $8/pp
*Red Iguana, SLC-Mexican $15/pp
Ruby Snap, SLC-Bakery $5
Ruth’s Diner, Emigration Canyon-Breakfast $10/pp
Log Haven, Milcreek Canyon-New American $26/pp
Left Fork Grill, Murray-Diner $8/pp
Pallet, SLC-New American $22/pp
Bruges, SLC-German Waffle House $8/pp
Squatters, SLC-High end Pub $13/pp
Red Rock, SLC-High End Pub $12/pp
J Wongs, SLC-Asian $12/pp
Cedars of Lebanon, SLC-Lebanese/Moroccan $10/pp
The Bayou, SLC-Cajun $13/pp
Eva, SLC-Mediterranean $12/pp
Gourmandise, SLC-Bakery $8/pp
Thai Lotus, SLC-Thai $12/pp
Canella's, SLC-Italian $17/pp
The Wild Grape, SLC-New American $22/pp
Vertical Diner, SLC-Diner $10/pp
Sage's Cafe, SLC-Vegetarian $10/pp
Chungas, SLC-Mexican $10/pp

Park City:
Vinto, Park City-Wood Fired Pizza $13/pp
The Riverhorse, Park City-New American $40/pp

Utah County:
Old Towne Grill, Provo-Burgers $12/pp
Rice King, Provo-Chinese Take out $7/pp
Tree Room, Sundance-New American $35/pp
Awful Waffle, Provo-Waffles $10/pp

*Means we've already eaten at that restaurant but it was so yummy we want to go back!

P.S. I would still love more suggestions! This is a growing and changing list!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 through Meg

We started off the new year by celebrating a best friend's wedding.

Next meg visited a bestie in Oregon and then together we celebrated the day of love in a tent...inside.

In March we took Colten snowmobiling with the family for the first time, he's a natural.

April showers brought Easter and Meg's birthday at City Creek.

Colten blew out some candles and we celebrated another best friends wedding.

June was big. Colten moved away to start an awesome internship, we hit the one year mark, and we hiked the great outdoors.

July was full of fireworks, Nelson and Hoth reunions, the discovery of Herm's Inn, and the first time attending the Cache Valley Cruise In.

August was spent in Bear Lake with friends and at Raspberry Days with family.

Then we took a little one on a full moon ride, visited a new temple, loved the colorful fall leaves and saw one of our Firehouse family get married.

We carved pumpkins, Sherri coached Colten's soccer (which of course ended with a hurt ankle), and we spent some more time enjoying the gorgeous fall.

In November we had Thanksgiving celebrations (with a serious lack of pictures) and I reupholstered a chair which is totally worth mentioning and may have kicked my butt.

We rounded out the year with Colten graduating, watching the Aggies win a bowl game, saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Another year down and another year full of good things. We are eagerly looking forward to 2013 and all of the fun it will bring. (I swear I didn't try to make that rhyme)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Breaking in the New Year

The typical 2012 year-in-review is on it's way. Don't you worry.

In the mean time we have decided to break in 2013 in a big way.

We're moving!

Colten was offered a position with Goldman Sachs, where he did an internship this summer, and we could not feel luckier. He absolutely loved his job, the company, and the managers he worked for. He'll be in the same department he was this summer and he starts on February 4th. 

I, in the meantime, have not found a job yet. I'm hoping to find something in Salt Lake along the lines of business/technical writing but I would be happy doing reception work for an awesome company (if anybody knows of anyone hiring let me know!). And no, just because I don't have a job yet that does not mean babies are on the way. Sorry to disappoint.

We've found a cute little townhome in Farmington (sorta feels like I'm moving home) and we have a guest bedroom which means friends have no excuse not to come visit!

I know it sounds cheesy, but we really are so excited to start this part of our lives. We've loved Logan and our little apartment but we're happy to be moving on. We can't wait for the new restraunts to try out, the arts shows to go see, and the seemingly endless new hiking adventures to go on. So if anyone would like to join us, we have deemed 2013 the year of Utah adventures. Maybe I'll start a 2013 Utah bucket list (blog post idea?).

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Chair

Yes I'm still alive. I had 3 posts in October, I was on a roll. And then it stopped  Ha. But here I am, attempting again to be more consistent. And I have a story to tell.

It's a story about a chair. A chair that was bought some odd years ago by a lovely couple named My Parents. They were redoing their room, wanted a nice chair, bought this one. And decided it didn't match. So it sat in their basement for another some odd years.

Well made chair, nice shape, just awkward pattern.

Just under 2 years ago when I moved/got married this chair was gifted to my by my impulsive dad much to the disagreement of my mother (by this time she had replaced said chair with a new chair so I don't know what here bond was to the chair that kind of ugly). But I graciously accepted said chair because, well, I was a newlywed and broke and free things are always nice.

Awkward pattern.

Fast forward 20 months and the chair was sitting in our back room, where it hadn't moved since we moved. It was a great place holder for quilts, my wedding shoes (what do you do with your wedding shoes when your done having a wedding?), a random pile of gift bags, and probably some dust.

Once fine fall evening a thought burst into my head. Reupholster. Such a naive little thought. I checked my sources (pinterest), looked at some fabric options, made a pleading argument to my husband and decided I was up for the challenge. I'm a crafty person, I was bored of my living room, and thought that this reupholstered chair would be a perfect fit. The tutorials I found seemed simple enough.

1. Take apart your chair piece by piece.
2. Carefully document each piece and each step by taking pictures and writing notes.
3. Use your old pieces as a pattern to cut new pieces.
4. Sew any needed pieces together.
5. Put the chair back together.

5 steps! I thought I was in heaven.

*Disclaimer* I love crafts. It gives me something to do while also giving me something new for my home. However, I have no patience (mom, stop snickering). I want instant gratification. I want it done in one day and to look perfect. I've always loved sewing but it has always been my demise because I simply cannot control myself and will quickly rush through a project which results in a crappy looking half sewed piece of fabric. So with this project, the hubs only agreed if I took my time and went slow. I really tried people.*

So on a trip to Hobby Lobby we went. We easily agreed on a fabric (surprising). Used our coupon. And I happily bounced home to begin.

300 staples, a couple blisters and a bloody knuckle later and I had only gotten the bottom piece off. What did I get myself into?

Thankfully I saved that spiky, metal strip. It saved my life later on.

This back edge had 4 different layers of staples.

So many random pieces being pulled in random ways and I just wanted to scream.

This chair thing was not an easy 5 step process. It took me almost 3 days of just pulling staples out. Once I finally had all the pieces removed I thought to myself "Sweet, now the easy part. Sew the pieces together and staple back on."

Finally cutting fabric. This was probably the most exciting part.

Au contraire  my friends.

The pieces cut out nicely. I had just the right amount of fabric  I thought I had lined the fabric pattern up quite well, and i got to sewing. Joy was spreading through my body, a smile across my face and the hubs was starting to be impressed. We got the backrest piece on. Smoothed it out and stapled it down. It looked lovely. I went to take a test seat and my hopes were crushed. The fabric didn't fit right and there was at least a 3 inch gap between the actual chair and the fabric that was now pulling away from the chair once I was sitting in it.

I may have cried.

I'll fast forward to save you some heartache. I unstaples. I resewed my seams. Refitted. Resewed again. Restapled  Test sat. Unstapled. Resewed. Restapled. Test sat. Unstapled. Rearranged. Restapled. Too ripply. Unstapled. Rearranged. Restapled. Unstapled half. Restapled. Finally decided some small ripples were ok.

All in all I unstappled and restappled the backrest piece 5 times. Holy nightmare.

I would like to say putting the rest of the chair on went smoothly. But I would be lying. It was as huge of a night mare as the backrest piece but it was fairly close. Luckily I saved some originaly metal strips that came with the chair which helped  tremendously with attaching the final back piece. But There was one part where I was cutting cardboard strips from a box lid. Classy. But it worked.

About the 4th time of re-stapling that stupid backrest piece.


All in all it took me a good two weeks of working on it almost every night. My house was a disater, I vaccumed up way more staples than is probably good for a vacuum, but the chair is done. It looks decent. I really like the fabric we chose. But I'll admit, my heart flutters everytime someone sits in it (a whole two people have so far) because I'm terrified it will just fall apart.

Our backroom exploded.

My advice. Bench pads and barstools...go for it. Full on chairs... buy a new one. But I followed through, it looks decent, and I think I surprised the hubs and the mom (ye of little faith).


How it looks in the room. Doesn't exactly fit...But I'm going to swing the couch around and put it on the far right instead. Eventually.

I really am pleased with the final product. It was a lot of work and would have been a whole heck of a lot easier to just buy a new chair. But I proved something, it gave me a project for awhile, and it was somewhat fun haha.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lost Art of a Performance

To start off I have a sweet husband. He knows I love surprises and this past weekend he surprised me with tickets to go see Thriller up on the USU campus. I've seen Thriller probably 3-4 times before this weekend both at USU and at Kingsbury Hall. I love it and it was Colten's first time.

So here comes my little rant. I am a lover of the performing arts. Choral concerts, plays, musicals, ballets, anything really. I've been to many performances varying from a Nativity Scene at my great-grandma's to a prestigious Orchestra. One of my favorite things about performances is the attitude and ambiance of going. To me it is something special. To me this is my old soul coming out. It is meant to be dressed up for, to make a night of it, and to just enjoy the talents of those around us.

But as I'm coming to find out, this is not what a performance means to a lot of the world. To many it is a time for sleeping, playing angry birds, chatting with your friend, and even reading a book. I know I sound a little prudish in my expectations but I'm starting to wonder if anything is special anymore. If any event demands respect or appreciation.

On Saturday at Thriller I started to become a little frustrated. I know Thriller is a more casual atmosphere. Yes there are zombies walking up and down the aisle, yeah a clown interacts with the audience, I know. But still, it's a performance. We start the show and only half way into the first dance girls are screaming as a male dancer comes on stage. Really? Are we at a Justin Bieber concert? Then a couple dances later an elderly couple and their adult son pull out a cell phone, hold it up in the air and start recording the dance. HELLO PEOPLE!! I'm sitting right behind you. I'd really love to watch the actual dance instead of the dance on the cell phone that's right in front of my face. Now this isn't including the food being passed down the rows, the 4 person family that decided to show up 20 minutes late and instead of standing in the back until intermission they walked straight up to their seats and made a whole row stand up in the middle of a performance, or the freshman girls who kept screaming and saying "this is so scary!"

I get it that everyone is coming to have fun and enjoy their Saturday night. And it is absolutely wonderful that so many types of people are starting to get interested in the performing arts. But I would like to make a call for some class. A request to bring sophistication back into a performance. To bring back respect to the art and the performers. Can I get an "AMEN!"?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Incase You Didn't Think I Loved Fall

That's right. A walk around Spring Hollow campground and a hike up Crimson Trail. The Hubs kindly skipped soccer practice yesterday to adventure out on a hike with me. He's adorbs. 

I seriously just can't get enough of nature sometimes. This is why I try to hike frequently. Or runaway to the canyon to read a book. Because most of the times I'm just in awe. Especially with fall. I know everyone knows it's beautiful but it's incredible to me how the earth can just suddenly light up with color in a matter of weeks. Seriously one of those "Oh hey God, you're awesome" moments.

PS all pictures of us were taken by self-timer. I'm pro at it. One shot was dangling from a tree. Another was propped up by a water bottle and a rock. If you want tips lemme know.